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Some of you who watch TV shows related to Real Estate should know Top agent team The Altman Brothers who are stars of "One Dollar Million Listing" a USA TV show airing on Channel 9 in Australia.

The Altman Brothers are among the top producing real estate agents in the country. Josh and Matt Altman managed to carve out a niche in the Los Angeles high end market.

The Altman Brothers constantly push the envelope, accomplishing what few others have in the history of residential real estate sales. With million-dollar transactions on their table per day, Josh and Matthew are responsible for selling over 3 billion dollars worth of real estate. Today, they are two of the most well-known real estate agents on the planet – the best of the best. They own dozens of industry records and earn the Wall Street Journal’s nod as one of the world’s top real estate teams year after year.

The Brothers are using Matterport virtual tour technology to showcase their listings.

Matterport’s 3D Showcase is a revolutionary marketing tool for brokers and agents that gives their listings a competitive advantage by allowing potential buyers a completely immersive experience of walking through a property without ever stepping foot inside. The Altman Brothers are excited to implement the Matterport technology on all of their premium listings.

Please take your time to watch the video below. In the video they say about Matterport virtual tour technology and why they are using it for their property listings.

I know that some of you may start thinking.... "oh, they sell luxury homes, their sellers can afford this fantastic tool for their property marketing and it is way to expensive for a standard property owners".

It is far away from true. In fact creating a virtual tour for a property using top end Matterport camera in some cases can cost less than paying to a photographer to come and make still photographs of a property. And that's not all, still photographs can be generated from a Matterport tour itself and they come in print quality. So you are getting both the tour and the photographs at the same time.

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