"Property and Business Marketing From A different Point Of View"

Who We Are

MIchael Lysov and Ben Boultbee are both Licensed CASA, RPA Drone Pilots.

Michael Lysov is also a Google Trusted Photographer and helps Google to create visual content for Google Maps.

They both specialise in aerial imagery and have taken their expertise to the ground with the advent of Matterport's fantastic, new 3D technology.

Both are passionate individuals with a flare for knowing what looks good in front of a lens.

Michael and Ben also have Elizabeth and Tania working behind the scenes - You may see Elizabeth out on the road operating Matterport. Tania is our marketing specialist with more than 13 years experience in Marketing.

What We Do

Matterport 3D virtual tours is just one of many services we can provide for property/asset marketing. We also have great experience in the following areas


-Hi End Video Production
-Hi End Aerial 4k Videography
-Aerial Photography


We are going to extend our website adding specific pages for each service we can provide.


If you are interested in getting your space scanned or discuss a drone imaging or video production  simply use our contact form, describe a service that you want us to provide and we will get back to you promptly - or you can call on  0424 075 002(Mike)

16 Mirbelia Street | Kenmore Hills, QLD 4069 | wingmanmedia.vr@gmail.com

0424 075 002(Mike) or 0400 683 544(Tania)

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