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Due to the high demand for this service we have streamlined our fee structure. We have also introduced this fee estimator for real time quoting. It may take a few seconds to load.    

How our service fee estimator works

Space: Considering the situation with the COVID-19 we are getting a lot of requests to scan both businesses and properties. Anywhere you see the term space mentioned it can be applied in either a property or a business. Or just think of a space as a a single & complete 3D Matterport tour that can cover the whole business area(office, shop, restaurant) or a whole property for sale/lease. A space can include multiple  indoor rooms and some outdoor features and even multiple floors. 

One time job for a private space: If your space(property, business) is small and is under 130 sqm of its internal floor size you will be charged as for  a 130 sqm one as a minimum fee. If it is over 130 sqm you will be charged based on our fee per square meter for a relevant size.


Bulk prices: The calculator takes into account the total floor area size entered by a customer. The bigger the job for  scanning you order from us the better price per sqm you will get. 

As an example you can book us and pay for 1000 sqm total area size and we can do for example 5 spaces at 200 sqm each or 7 at  about 142 sqm each for our bulk prices making each scanning  fee cheaper. If you do the same 5/7 properties booking each one by one you will pay a higher price per square meter.


Travel Fees: If one of your properties is located further than 25 km from Brisbane CBD travel fees to this property will be charged at a rate of $2 for each 1 km exceeding 25km radius.


The 4069 Discount: All properties located in 4069 will receive our 10% discount.


Extras: If you need to order extra Matterport features such as Mattertags or a black & white floor plan they will be discussed later and only added as an extra cost if needed. 


If our calculator returns 0 it means that your volume is quite big and you will need to contact us for a special price.

If you want to book us or check if we are available on a specific date and time please contact us providing all your contact details and your properties details including floor area size for each and their addresses.


Black and white schematic floor plan with all measurements. 

$75 Extra

25 km travel time from Brisbane CBD to a customer site is included. If a customer site location is further than 25 kms, the following fee will be charged for each additional km of travel. 

$2 per km Extra

If a customer site is located in 4069 postcode the following discount will be offered.

10% Discount

Google Street View tour submission(Not aplied to private properties)

$99 Extra

MatterPak™ Bundle package. (Black and white schematic floor plan Included)

$99 Extra

Hosting a virtual tour - First 3 months are free and then after that an additional cost will apply (Payable in 3 month blocks). Annual fee is $180.

$20 / Month

Mattertags. A customer is responsible for providing full information (text/links/images/video) in a written digital format and exact location for each Mattertag inside a virtual tour.

$15 per tag Extra

For minimal financial outlay a customer's property must be prepared (Clean and ready to go) for scanning when we arrive at the property. It also should be empty of people and animals so we can start doing our job straight away. If there is any delay caused for us by a customer and we need to wait before we start the following fee will be charged for each 30 minutes block of delay.

$35 per each 30 minutes

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